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Managed services means that our services are continuous, for increased reliability and maximum flexibility.

Cost efficient

For example, Atiers' services can easily be scaled up as your organization grows, or downsized if you need less. In this way you keep costs and complexity under control.


In addition, Atiers checks your IT infrastructure on a daily basis on many business-critical points, such as free disk space, performance, backups, antivirus and other security aspects. In this way we minimize the risks and you benefit every day from a smoothly functioning IT environment.

Customer service

We agree on the level of service in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). It states how many systems are covered by support, whether you need support in the evenings and weekends and how quickly you will be helped in the event of malfunctions. There are variants in which Atiers only takes care of the monitoring of your ICT infrastructure and where you manage your servers and support your users yourself, up to and including the variant where Atiers manages both the monitoring, management and support of your entire ICT infrastructure. takes. Because these variants can be scaled, you remain flexible and you can adjust your agreement according to your needs. Durations are in consultation: you get maximum flexibility with an annual contract, cheaper rates with a longer term.

Benefits Managed services:

SLA agreement

Clear agreements

Permanent contact person


Cost saving

It is not only our ongoing services that unburden you.

From time to time you will need new ICT products. Atiers ensures that your new hardware is delivered in perfect working order, without you having to install or configure anything yourself. So easy!

We deliver all systems – PCs, laptops, servers, NAS – that you purchase from us completely ready for use, so with all the software you need installed, fully configured and optimally secured.

Exactly the same applies to our VoIP solutions: we deliver them in a configured state and we don't leave until tests at your site show that everything works perfectly.

Atiers also supplies network products that can be managed and operated from the cloud in a secure manner. By yourself and by us.

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