E-mail Marketing

Your address file can be a gold mine.

A list of e-mail addresses of (potential) customers is seen by many as the 'lifeblood' of an organization that does business via the internet. What a shame it would be not to extract everything from such an address file!

E-mail marketing is the designation for things such as sending newsletters, making offers, whether or not personalized, and related sales funnels. In short, all marketing in which email plays a role.

Email marketing is the proven method to keep in touch with customers and to inform them about news, offers and promotions.

Whether it concerns devising a strategy, setting up a sales funnel, or the technical realization of sending all those malts, Atiers has the expertise to get the most out of your address file. Make an appointment today for a personal consultation, and discover what email marketing is all about powered by Atiers voor u kan betekenen.

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